Top International Kid Friendly Destinations

June 16, 2021 Off By admin

Top International Kid Friendly Destinations – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

There are so many wonderful places all over the world to travel with children. Here are my top 5 favorite picks: Number one would be the Amazon Jungle. Do not be afraid to go, get on a plane and travel far away. Going to the Amazon was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It is so different from the life you live here in the United States, absolutely breathtaking to see all that there is in Brazil and all along South America at the Amazon. You can do an all-inclusive trip where they plan everything for you, so it makes it a lot easier than it might seem.

Number two on my list would be going to Africa. I was able to travel to Africa as a small child, and I can tell you that it’s memories that I have forever. Of course, going on a safari will be a lifetime changing experience for your kids, so even though it is a long trip, it is definitely worth it. I also think, in addition to doing the safari, do not forget about some of the islands. Lamu is a beautiful island off the coast of Kenya, where the kids can go on ancient Dau, fishing boats, and it is a really fun excursion, and it is great for children to see how other people live in different parts of the world.

One of my other favorite places-another place I traveled as a child-was Thailand. Thailand, of course, the beaches, but then, all of the animals, too. I mean, what kid is not going to love going on an elephant ride? My son has had a great time doing all the sorts of things, and we really look forward to going back.

Another fun place is actually Dubrovnik, in Croatia. It is a walled city, and it is so interesting and so different from what we have here in the United States. What I love about Dubrovnik is, of course, the food; the wonderful seafood, the wonderful pasta, and being right on the ocean, there is a beautiful coastline, and just being a part of that walled city and letting the kids run around, it is something pretty magical. They could feel like they are young knights touring their castle. So, a pretty amazing place to go.

And then, if you are looking for kind of the ultimate beach destination, the Ritz Carlton in Grand Caymans is hard to beat. Their Ambassadors for Environment program is a program that they do with Jacque Cousteau’s family, so it is all about the environment, the ocean, really an educational experience for kids. They can do it every day, they can do it one or two days while they are there; it is a great way to have kind of the luxury trip, where the kids can learn a lot, too. So, do not be afraid to pack up your passport, get all the kids ready, and jet somewhere far away in this beautiful world that we have. It is wonderful for your children to see how people all world live, and it is a great experience that they will remember for a lifetime.