Top 10 travel destinations in Greece for winter

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Greece: top 10 destinations for winter, 10 excursions in beautiful landscapes with amazing nature!
If we chose an image to characterize Greece, then it probably would not be a snowy mountain or a river. We would not show waterfalls or lakes, lit fireplaces and foggy landscape… And yet this is another one of the many faces of Greece!
Litochoro. We are located in Pieria, at the foot of Mount Olympus. Once upon a time here was a sacred place. The place of residence of the Ancient Gods! Litochoro is your beautiful starting point for excursions to the paths of Olympus, the waterfalls and the magical Greek nature! Half an hour south of Litochoro stands Paleos Panteleimonas, one of the best preserved traditional settlements of Greece!
Meteora. A rare geological phenomenon, unique in all of Europe. Huge rocks that host monasteries on top of them. Religious grandeur, awe, panoramic views and strong emotional impact, next to the mountain range of Pindos. Kalampaka and Kastraki villages will make your stay more beautiful.
Kalavrita. A traditional village is even more beautiful when there is a jagged railway that passes through the impressive green gorge of Vouraikos, when nearby there are caves and monasteries and one of the largest ski resorts in Greece. Unique moments in the northern Peloponnese.
Serres. Snowy mountain ranges, lakes that reflect the beauty of nature, hot baths and a lively city with a strong pulse and fantastic delicacies! We are in Serres and it is certain that Kerkini and Lailias will seal your winter getaways!
Naoussa. Macedonian architecture, and a landscape with dense vegetation that turns white in winter! In Naoussa, the whole scene can captivate you in a winter fairy tale. The city, the park of Agios Nikolaos, but mainly the ski resorts of Seli and Tria – Pente Pigadia.
Vitina. In the Heart of the Peloponnese lies Arcadia and in its center Vitina. A beautiful stone-built mountain village next to Mount Mainalo. Virgin forests, hiking trails, famous guesthouses, quality local products and the ski center in close distance from Athens.
Karpenisi. The capital of Evritania is built at an altitude of almost a thousand meters on Mount Timfristos. Alpine environment, and breathtaking landscapes. The settlements of Mikro and Megalo Chorio, Prousos and its monastery, the ski center Velouchi and the gorge Panta Vrechei will write a separate page in the album of your memories.
Metsovo. The most elegant part of Mountainous Epirus! Welcome to Pindos. At an altitude of 1160 meters is a town with stone mansions, splendid churches and lots of snow! A blessed place that highlighted great national benefactors and distinguished Greeks in their kind. Epirus hospitality, incomparable local specialties with the smoked Metsovone cheese standing out.
Arachova. The Snow Queen in Central Greece! The nymph of Parnassos is built on its southern slopes and a breath away from the navel of the world, Delphi. At the so called “Mykonos of Winter” you will find everything, but mainly fun, entertainment, and action on the white snow slopes overlooking the sea!
Old Agios Athanasios. And yet this beautiful traditional settlement of Northern Greece was once ruined and abandoned. On the slopes of Mount Kaimaktsalan and at an altitude of 1200 meters is a place taken from the myths. As if it were the setting of a movie. Here stone and light blend harmoniously and beautify every human activity. The specialties of Pella will drive you crazy while in the nearby ski center you will be able to burn the unnecessary calories.
From north to south and from east to west, Greece does not stop filling our mind and soul with its beauties, pride and grandeur.
And do not forget that by travelling and appreciating, we all become part of Greece!
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