The Most Underrated Greek Destinations | 7 Unique Places to Visit in Greece (Travel Advice)

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There are plenty of hidden gems to discover in Greece. We have previously seen Greek destinations that foreign visitors might ignore, but locals visit frequently. These include Halkidiki and Mount Pelion. But there are some incredible places in the country that even Greeks often snub, unless they live in close proximity to them.

Some of these places are the birthplaces of important Modern Greek figures. They have landscapes and architectural styles that you may not associate with Greece. Let’s explore together some of the most underrated Greek destinations. Read more:


00:00 The 7 Most Underrated Greek Destinations
00:47 #7 Xanthi
01:38 #6 Kavala
02:28 #5 Kythera and Antikythera
03:20 #4 Arcadia Region
04:11 #3 Salamis
05:00 #2 Syros Island
06:14 #1 Missolonghi

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