Australia – Adventure on the East Coast

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Last December Benn TK was invited on a trip down the East coast of Australia organized by Australian tour company Welcome To Travel. Benn is from Australia but he’d never explored the east coast before and couldn’t believe how beautiful his home was. It didn’t feel like the Australia he knew at all, but something much, much more. So rich in wildlife and bursting with nature. His journey was accompanied by 25 other fun and energetic people from Mexico on their mid-semester break from University in Melbourne. Having never met any of these people before, Benn and the others traveled from the tropical state of Queensland, visiting the world’s largest coral reef, The Great Barrier Reef. And then venturing to some of the whitest and finest sand beaches in existence, the Whitsundays, with sand so fine it could polish jewelry. As the group traveled further down the coast, the adventures and laughter within the group grew. Strong friendships and valuable memories formed. The few last days of the journey were spent in Fraser Island, a famous island known for its long sandy beaches and hidden untouched swimming holes in the middle of the forests and desert areas. Fraser Island is also home to some incredible wildlife, Dingoes, Kangaroos, echidnas, and the giant lace monitor lizards. This trip began during last year’s tragic wildfires, spreading through Australia. Benn and the group experienced the smoke and flames while driving around the sand beaches on the island, seeing the power and potential the fire had to cause massive destruction to the wildlife. Fortunately, the group was in safe hands as the fire could not reach the beach. Even though Benn was tasked with the job to capture this amazing adventure, this trip reminded him of why he left everything behind to start traveling in the first place. Making unforgettable friends, creating unique memories, and most importantly, incredible stories to tell the world.

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